How to prep the patient and hook up your DR300 holter monitor. (9:36)

How to change the time and date on your DR300 holter monitor. (1:52)

How to position the 5 Leads on a patient. (2:41)

How to position the 7 Leads on a patient. (3:06)

Introduction to Holter Analysis NEM- DR300 Chapter 1. (6:33)

Review by Using Templates- DR300 Chapter 2. (10:26)

Review by Critical Events- DR300 Chapter 3. (10:43)

Review by Saved Strips- DR300 Chapter 4. (8:57)

Review of Full Disclosure- DR300 Chapter 5. (11:55)

Review by Graphs Trends- DR300 Chapter 6. (8:24)

Review by Tables- DR300 Chapter 7. (9:24)

Review by Superimposition- DR300 Chapter 8. (4:07)

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