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Holter Monitor Patient Hookup

How to prep the patient and
hook up your holter monitor. (9:36)

Change the Time and Date

How to change the time and date
on your holter monitor. (2:05)

Holter Sim Card Download with LX Remote

How to send the information for scanning
using the LX Remote Online Platform (3:39)

Downloading and Installing
LX Remote

How to Download and Install LX Remote for
Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox (1:36)

Dextrocardia (Heart facing the opposite side of the chest): Applying the Holter

Applying the monitor to a patient with dextrocardia
(Heart facing the opposite side of the chest) (1:01)

Troubleshooting- No Tracing Lines Showing on the Diagnostic Screen

What to do when no tracing lines appear
on your diagnostic screen (2:02)

Troubleshooting- Battery Dies (Blank Screen) While Wearing the Holter

How to continue the recording if the battery dies
while wearing the holter monitor (2:02)

Ordering Supplies from the Cardio Study website

Ontario, Canada Clinics only. All other areas click
“Order Supplies” for details (1:14)

Requesting Holter Reports from the Cardio Study Website

How to request holter reports from
Cardio Study (0:47)

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