Magic Pen

Cardio Study Magic Pen Tutorial

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Cardio Study Magic Pen Tutorial- Enjoy

Magic Tips to Remember

  • Practice Makes Perfects.  Video yourself doing the trick and play it back.  See your mistakes and correct them.  Once you are good enough to trick yourself, it will be time to go trick someone else.
  • Believe what you are doing is actual magic.  If you believe it, your spectator will also believe.
  • Never be too quick to give away the secret.  A good magic effect will amaze someone forever.  If you give it away too soon, then it becomes just a trick.  Let them enjoy that amazement for a while. Remember how you felt when seeing it for the first time.
  • Have fun.  This is a great effect to do for anyone of any age.  The expressions on the faces will be your reward.

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