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Providing world class cardiac care to patients across Canada.

Cardiology clinics located across Ontario.

Cardio Study operates full service cardiology clinics located across Ontario and British Columbia. Patients can feel confident knowing that Cardio Study uses the best technology in the field of cardiology to diagnose patients.

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Diagnostic Services In Clinics Across Canada

Cut patient wait times in half by providing Holter monitor and ABPM testing within your own clinic. Your patients no longer need to wait or visit another facility to get a holter monitor or ambulatory blood pressure monitor hooked up.

Reducing these wait times can mean the difference between preventing a catastrophic event such as a heart attack or a stroke.

Telemedicine Approved

In addition to providing services in our clinics, Cardio Study provides patient consultations via the Ontario Telemedicine Network. This service is particularly useful for patients that have a difficult time with long-distance travel or patients that are not mobile.

Patients are able to communicate with their doctor using a laptop or smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. Often eliminating the need for patients to visit the clinic in person.

The Best In Patient Care

Our medical team is comprised of some of North America’s most experienced and accomplished specialists in the field of cardiology. All of our staff are trained to provide the best in quality service.

Providing quality patient care is the foundation on which Cardio Study was built on. Being diagnosed with a heart related issue can be a difficult experience, and our organization is committed to making this experience as stress-free as possible.


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